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Fulton County Furnace Repair

Restoring Heat to Your Fulton County Home Right Away

Since 1976, our team at Allen's Family Heating & Cooling has served the local community with timely furnace repairs. We stand by the service we provide, offering a satisfaction guarantee in which you can trust. We provide upfront pricing and free estimates for Fulton Valley furnace repair.

If you find yourself without heat in the dead of winter, call Allen's Family Heating & Cooling at (518) 380-2485 or contact us online.

Loud Noises Coming from the Furnace?

In general, furnaces should heat the home, not add chaos to it. Noisy furnaces usually signify an underlying problem. We can inspect the vents, fan, and other moveable parts to see what is causing the trouble. With more than 40 years of experience, you can trust that no problem is too complex for our technicians.

For your convenience, we offer around-the-clock service for furnace repair in the Mohawk Valley. We want to make sure you can rest comfortably in a home that is effectively and safely heated by your furnace.

Common furnace problems we address include:

  • Banging and clanking
  • Furnace not turning on
  • Thermostat reading the wrong temperature
  • Insufficient heat
  • Pilot light frequently flicking off
  • Irregular cycling
  • Filter replacements
  • General furnace cleaning

If Your Furnace is Short Cycling When It Is Cold

There are a few possibilities to explain short cycling in very cold weather. The most obvious is the possibility of the high demands placed on the system due to the very low temperatures. Sometimes, the furnace will simply run harder to maintain a warm climate for your home when the weather is extremely cold. There are other possibilities such as a crack in the heat exchanger or a broken thermostat. Contact one of our technicians if you need clarity on this issue.

Heat Pump Problems in Cold Weather

If you feel like the air produced by your heat pump is blowing out cold, you may not have a problem as long as your home still heats to the right temperature. The temperature of the air produced by the heat pump will not necessarily be as hot as the air produced by a furnace so it may not feel very hot. Only be concerned if your home is not heating up. However, if your system does not appear to be working properly, check outside to see if your unit is frozen or covered in ice. This would be an instance where you should call in an expert to inspect and repair the unit.

Furnace Warranties for Your Peace of Mind

All our parts, services, and installations include service warranties for your protection. We have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers and we will not let you down. When it comes to furnaces, we are deeply aware that the safety of your home and family depend on the quality of our work.

After our repair is complete, we can also run a full-system inspection and carbon monoxide check to make sure your furnace meets all safety standards. Schedule furnace maintenance to avoid repairs when you need your unit the most.

If you suspect you have a problem with your heater, reach out to our Mohawk Valley furnace repair technicians at (518) 380-2485.

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